• What We Offer

    • For Casting Directors, by Casting Directors.

      Casting Networks provides all of the tools you need to cast your project at no charge. From web-based submission and scheduling software, to a post-as-you go desktop application for uploading your sessions, everything is streamlined and all in one place.

      *Certain features are only available to accredited casting directors. Please contact us for more information.

    • Project Creation & Release

      Create your project and choose who you'd like to receive submissions from

      • Send your project directly to talent using our Casting Billboard® system.
      • View and manage your project information and keep track of submissions, auditions and callbacks all in one place.
      • Post photo references, sides, and request specific media clips necessary for your casting. 
    • Additional features for accredited casting directors

      • Custom release options allow you to send your project to specific or all representatives and/or directly to talent.
      • Search our database with specific criteria and find exactly who you're looking for.
      • Create and maintain custom favorites folders and agency lists.
      • View audition history for talent you have scheduled and/or auditioned in the past.
    • Multimedia Submissions

      • Receive submissions that include high-quality photos and media clips.
      • If specific media is requested in your project release, you can view clips directly from talent thumbnails on your submissions page.
      • Ability to filter submissions by specific criteria that you designate.
    • Make & Share Selects

      • Prioritize your selects below the talent thumbnail or use the CB button to mark talent direct to callbacks.
      • Share selects with your clients or associates before the audition for feedback or to book off photos.
      • Clients will receive electronic packages with complete talent profiles and media submissions.
    • Schedule Auditions With Ease

      • Easily organize your auditions using our drag & drop scheduler. 
      • Send out audition locations and times, including sides, with one click.
      • View confirmation statuses in the scheduler and easily fill gaps left by cancellations or reschedule requests.
    • Communication Tools

      • View confirmation statuses all in one place on your project worksheet.
      • Advanced filtering options allow you to view your worksheet by specified criteria, including specific roles, schedules, confirmation statuses and more.


      Additional features for accredited casting directors

      • Communicate directly with agents about audition statuses via the worksheet chat feature.
      • View session information and notes pertaining to individual talent.


    • State-Of-The-Art Uploading

      Our post-as-you-go audition uploading software, FastCapture, is available for accredited casting directors.

      • Create, edit, organize, and share casting sessions online with the most advanced system for auditioning talent available. 
      • Import your schedules or use our online check-in system to make talent profiles available to your session runner. 
      • Record and edit multiple takes then move on to your next actor or group while the previous audition is uploading.
      • No need to stick around at the end of the day converting and uploading video files.
    • Make Your Session Presentation Ready

      Further refine your session with the following features:

      • Hide or rearrange groups.
      • Provide session notes for your clients.
      • Adjust thumbnails for your client presentation link.
      • Set permissions for each custom client link, including the ability to view digital size sheets, resumes, and more.
    • Secure Client Links

      • You have total control over how sessions are presented to your clients.
      • Create custom links and add a variety of features including: session podcasts, online notes and picks, digital size sheets and more.

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