• What We Offer

    • Streamlined Audition Presentation

      Have your sessions, with optional added features enabled by the casting director, such as podcasting, complete talent profiles, and online selects, delivered via a secure link with online streaming.

    • Video Streaming & Podcasting

      • Stream audition videos and/or audio clips online with talent profiles attached.
      • Choose your video resolution and file type to best fit your computer's hardware and Internet connection speeds.
      • Download a podcast of the entire session or individual clips to watch offline.
    • View Talent By Role

      • With the View Talent by Role option, you can view audition videos on a per-role basis across several sessions or days of casting.
      • Sort by role, actor name or session in order to compare talent for the same role(s) in a more focused way.
      • If you already have selects for one role, this feature makes matching co-stars even easier.
    • Notes & Picks

      • The Notes & Picks feature allows you to collaborate with associates during the talent selection process.
      • Leave notes or click the check mark next to the talent you like and your comments will be viewable to colleagues and the casting director.
      • You can also see notes and selections made by others.
    • Reporting Features

      • Our online reports allow you to download session logs and digital size sheets in PDF or Excel formats.
      • Customize reports to print for individual talent, entire sessions, by role, or by picked talent only.


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