• What We Offer

    • Multimedia Profiles

      Use Casting Networks to further your career. With customizable multimedia profiles, access to new jobs posted daily on Casting Billboard® and resources for services like photographers, coaches and schools, all of the tools you need for success are online and available 24/7.

    • Your online resume is your space to list the projects you have participated in, your education/training, and your skills.

      • Add up to 50 photos – your first photo upload is free.
      • Create a custom URL and easily email your profile to anyone.
      • Media Hosting subscriptions allow you to add four-minute video and/or audio clips to your resume, credits & skills.
      • Your profile is attached to live auditions hosted on Casting Networks.
    • Commitment-Free Subscriptions

      Casting Networks offers commitment-free payment plans for premium service subscriptions including Media Hosting and Casting Billboard Unlimited. You can choose between monthly, 6-month or yearly subscriptions and can cancel at anytime up to two business days before your next billing cycle. One-time fees for photo uploads or individual Casting Billboard submissions can be paid securely online.

    • Media Hosting

    • The Benefits

      Why settle for photos alone when you can let Casting Directors, their Clients, Agents and Managers know about your talent with video and audio? Media Hosting allow you to upload video and audio clips to your account for use with our other services. Anything you upload can be attached to your resume or submitted to projects.

    • Clips And Reels

      • CLIPS are pieces of media that can be attached to specific credits or skills on your resume. Additionally, Casting Directors may request that you attach media to a submission. You can attach clips to submissions for specific projects, which will not appear on your resume unless desired.
      • A REEL is a collection of your clips and is a sample of all the work you’ve done. You can feature one video and one voice reel on your resume separately from your credit and skill clips.
    • Customize Your Submissions

      • You can tailor each submission to the casting professional’s request.
      • Choose the best image to default for the role and attach media submissions if the Casting Director requests them.
      • (Note: You must have a Media Hosting subscription in order to attach audio or video clips to a submission.)

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